We have the honour to welcome shipping companies, shipping agent or Ship management companies, honorable personality and related concern to recruit Bangladeshi seafarers. Expert Associate Limited is as approved by the department of shipping, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh License no MLA 092, provides world Standard seafarers for the safe and secure operation of ships in the globe. Bangladeshi seafarers are relatively high standards of proficiency, hard working and able to understand English language up to the required standards. They are well behaved, obedient, trustworthy, non alcoholic and posses a high moral courage. They are content with reasonable wages.

We provide Ratings and Officers for the following type of vessel
General Cargo ships
Container ships
Bulk carriers
Car carriers
Crude Oil Tankers
Gas carrier
Chemical Tankers
Pure Log Carriers
Passenger vessel
Any other kind of vessels

Crew Welfare

Our Company is quite aware about the welfare of the crewmembers. We have knowledge and experience about the maritime labour laws and Maritime labour Conventions MLC 2006 as well. We concentrate not only the welfare of the crew members but also their family prospects and necessities also. We have close link with the government semen welfare directorate to ensure the necessities of the crewmembers and their family as well.

We Make Sure!

We ensure, selecting genuine certified seafarers
We examined and prepare all kinds of required documents
We make sure, providing world standard competent seafarers for different kinds of vessel.
We prepare seafarers to deal with multi cultural environment onboard ship
We are committed joining seafarers on time the vessel

Why you Expert Associate?

We have only in Bangladesh world standard crew management software
We have strong pool of highly competency seafarers
We have highly competent and qualified mariners in our team
We work round the clock
We ensure onetime joining
We provide genuine certified seafarers
We have offices outside Bangladesh
We work with multicultural seafarers

Association service

We provide complete marine & shipping solution in association with our associate organizations in the following issues.

Technical management     Shipping agency Port agency
Support service Offshore service Ship building
Ship breaking Ship brokering Ship chartering
Ship demonization Marine insurance brokering     Maritime education and training