B A SHIP MANAGEMENT specializing in port; owner; charter; hub; protecting agency services in Chittagong port; Bangladesh. We act as per principal advice as chartered, broker and husbandry owner. We are always maintaining full range of supportive services and efficient working plan. So our consultant always provide your perfect consultancy from arriving to departure and can merge you extra payment / reduce owners money in every voyage at Chittagong port, Bangladesh.

Since its establishment in Dec, 1998, we always keeps pace with development strategy of International Group, insists on innovation and transformation, and persists in customer service and extended services by upholding its core business.

-Managing Director

About Us

B A SHIP MANAGEMENT has been established in 2011. Today the company that is fully authorized by the Bangladesh Govt and the port authorities to carry out its functions as registered for. Our level of service is highly professional and of high standard to our customers. We want our client to have the total satisfaction and want to protect our client by given them our best services and Support.

The company was enlisted on 01st January, 2011 and the company decided its corporate name B A SHIP MANAGEMENT. The company was then a key in the development of trade between Our honorable customers and us. We have not stopped since. We developed several ports in Bangladesh which are now centers of economic activities.

To be the only choice providing all clients with the highest level of service and offering an excellent service orientated approach in addressing all their transport and distribution solutions, with a comprehensive guarantee of satisfaction.To build relationships with our clients by gaining a thorough understanding of their business in assessing their current and forecasting their future requirements, thereby sharing their vision and assisting by developing and realizing the vision with them. We rate integrity first on our list of strengths.

We offer a fully integrated service from a fully committed and equipped team, capable of meeting every related need. Regardless of your requirements, our approach remains the same. Our first priority is to gain through understanding of the requirement of your business and then efficiently dealing with each task as they present themselves. A dedicated team lead by one of the five directors, Mr.Belal Talukder services all clients. We are a 100% be company, But we guarantee you, it will be our superior service levels that you will enjoy the most.


We have the chemist for examining the grade & quality of Bunker to avoid any Mishap. We have been supplying the IFO, DO, MGO & LUBE OIL for a long time. if you need Any kind of Bunker for your vessel pls advise. During the supply time of bunker our own engineer goes with bunker barge for checking the all sorts of bunker points.

It would be mostly appreciated if you kindly check with our chamber of commerce to know about us. Our prices are very cheap as we are directly connected with the bunker importer. We also would request your good honor to kindly instruct us regarding our Bunker prices which will receive our immediate attention to comply the prices.

Further those who go with the bunker barge to supply the bunker they have the experience on discharging cargo & fire position & what side & what time bunker to be supplied without hampering the discharge.